February 02 2024

New Orion CD "Surprise" SUN 1029 released
orion surprise 2023

The CD has been finally released with a new tracklisting!
It can be ordered here:
Order your copy now by sending $25.00 plus $8:00 postage to the PayPal address dokkeberg@hotmail.com

01 - This Is A Holdup
02 - Honky Tonk Heaven
03 - Morning, Noon & Night
04 - Devil In My Angel
05 - Two Loving Shadows On Fire
06 - Midnight Rendezvous
07 - Strangers Till We Touch
08 - Whatever It Takes
09 - I Use Her To Remind Me Of You (SUN re-recording)
10 - My Baby's Out Of Sight (SUN re-recording)
11 - There You Go (SUN re-recording)
12 - Just Out Of Reach (SUN re-recording)
13 - Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling Again (SUN re-recording)
14 - Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs
15 - Leave It Like It Is
16 - I'm Here To Love You (with count-in)
17 - Love Is In The Air (undubbed)
18 - Honky Tonk Heaven (undubbed)
19 - Strangers Till We Touch (undubbed alt. take)
20 - Midnight Rendezvous (mono LP master)
21 - This Is A Holdup (undubbed)
22 - Whatever It Takes (undubbed)
23 - Two Loving Shadows On Fire (undubbed)
24 - Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs (undubbed)

July 28 2022

1980s Sessions online

July 21 2022

Essential list of "homrecordings" online

July 17 2022

Complete SUN Sessions online

July 10 2022

Started my attempt and version of the Orion Studio Sessions

June 2022

New CD "Surprise" for 2022 announced

orion flyer suprise small

01. This Is A Hold-Up (Stereo - undubbed DAT)
02. Honky Tonk Heaven (Stereo - 45 version)
03. Devil In My Angel (Stereo)
04. Two Loving Shadows On Fire (Stereo)
05. Midnight Rendezvous (Stereo)
06. Strangers T'il We Touch (Stereo)
07. Whatever It Takes (Stereo)
08. I Use Her To Remind Me Of You [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
09. My Baby's Outta Sight [lead vocal re-rec, drum overdub] (Stereo DAT)
10. There You Go [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
11. Morning, Noon And Night (Stereo - 45 version)
12. Leigh [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
13. Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
14. Just Out Of Reach [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
15. It's You Again [lead vocal re-rec] (Stereo DAT)
16. Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs (Stereo)
17. I'm Here To Love You (Stereo)
18. Leave It Like It Is (Stereo DAT)
19. Love Is In The Air (Stereo DAT)

October 16, 2020

New CD's released

Proffesional live recording of october 30, 1982 shows
Orion Live At Cowboys: Buy on Ebay: simoncrispenterprises

Unreleased and undubbed studio recordings 1981
Special Collectors Club Editon Vol. 1: Buy on Ebay: de-luxe.de

Unreleased live recording "Buck Cody's Country Nightclub", may 27, 1983
Special Collectors Club Editon Vol. 2: Buy on Ebay: de-luxe.de

December 7, 2019

According to www.oriondiscs.com the earlier deleted  6CD-set "The early recordings" is now back on the calendar again. No further information available.

Jimmy Ellis The Early Recordings front


new CD announcement:


Great new CD release coming soon featuring an Orion concert recording from 31st. October 1982.
May 5, 2019
Payable through PayPal to: dokkeberg@hotmail.com
$25:00 including worldwide postage
wc dvd
From the Sun Vaults Vol. 1


February 1, 2013



01 Jambalaya 02:27
02 Take These Chains 02:31
03 Your Cheatin' Heart 03:16
04 Cold Cold Heart 03:03
05 Half As Much 02:55
06 I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry 04:19
07 Lovesick Blues FM 02:36
08 Face To Face And Heart To Heart 02:52
09 I'll Take What's Left Of You 02:29
10 Leave It Like It Is 03:30
11 I Can Help 03:09
12 Love Is In The Air 03:12
13 These Sometimes 02:56
14 Night Of The Rain 03:11
15 That's All She Wrote 03:12
16 Rock It Billy Rock It 03:10
17 Lying Eyes 04:10
18 Old Time Rock 02:30
19 Out Of The Blue 03:27
20 Run Fool Run 02:31
21 Strangers 02:17
22 Moment Of Weakness 02:40
23 The Other Side Of You 02:49
24 Treat Her Right 03:47


As you can see of the tracklist not ALL of the songs are unreleased. It was decided to include "These Sometimes" and "Night of The Rain" because it shows Jimmys talent as a songwriter and they are great songs. The first seven songs are duets with Jim Owens.


The CD is available as the previous releases through Graceland Randers

Order here Graceland Randers for 30.-$

Promo Nashville South  
October 1, 2011


by Dradco Records

Highly recommended! Audience recording in very good sound quality and rare performed songs! incl. 8 page booklet with many rare photographs.

Listen to preview here

order by sending 49.- $ by PaPal to: dokkeberg@hotmail.com


at www.elvisunlimited.com

October 6 , 2010


by Dradco Records

New CD with an unreleased live concert from Jackson, TN, recorded march 13, 1981

Order at www.elvisunlimited.com


01 Opening Riff
02 Rockabilly Rebel
03 Got You On My Mind
04 Crazy Arms
05 On The Road Again
06 Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall
07 Something Baby I Like
08 Memphis Sun
09 A Stranger In My Place
10 Introduction Of Universe
11 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
12 Susie Q
13 Long Tall Sally
14 San Francisco Is A Lonely Town
15 Texas Tea
16 Just A Closer Walk With Thee
17 Love Is In The Air (inc.)

September 19 , 2010

NEW CD "LIVE IN CONCERT 1979" OUT by Boblo Records

Order at www.orionjimmyellis.com

From the press release:
This is the one!! The first ever CD release on the historic Boblo label!! From 1979, this was Orion's debut concert in Athens, Alabama prior to his move to Nashville to full-fill the Orion legend on Sun Records with Shelby Singleton. Orion is backed by the powerful band Universe put together by Nick Scott who also produced some of Orion's recordings. This CD is a prime example of the dedication and hard work Boblo President, Bobby Smith put into his artists. Although he turned down a 17-year old Jimmy Ellis in 1963 and again in 1977, Bobby produced some of Orion's best material at Sun Studios, as well as the Ellis Sings Elvis LP in Brunswick, GA that is a huge collector's item today. 

Although there is a minor 1/2 second blip after the music break on the "I Forgot to Remember to Forget" track, the CD is just outstanding....the liner notes give a concise history of Bobby Smith's Orion experience. After all, Bobby and Nick Scott were there throughout all the Orion days and nights with Sun Records.

This CD is part of history that all Orion fans will enjoy for many years!! Thanks, Bobby Smith!

01 Breezin' (instrumental by Universe)
02 Tulsa Time (by Universe feat. Dennis Benson)
03 You can't judge a book
04 Baby you got it
05 You don't have to say you love me
06 Save the last dance for me
07 Snowbird
08 Secret love
09 Sweet Caroline
10 Mona Lisa
11 I believe
12 Maybelline
13 I forgot to remember to forget
14 Games you've been playin'
15 My way
16 Just a closer walk with thee

All tracks previously released except 1 & 2. Tracks 3 - 12 & 16 are concert rehearsals released on Chet Bennett - CD "A voice from the past". Tracks 13 - 15 are the Boblo studio recordings. All tracks have overdubbed applause.

 September 5 , 2009


Buy it here: www.playgroundrecordingstudio.com

Info from Playground Recording Studio: Is the Jimmy Ellis version identical to the "JE at Playground Recording Studio" CD released in 2006?-> NO! It is a complete(!) new mix from the multisession tape with MUCH superior sound quality and a different lead vocal fade.What about the other three takes of Georgia Pines on the CD?-> Track 2 has Jimmy Louis (well known performer/songwriter from Kansas) on lead, same Beaverteeth backing track-> Track 3 has Charlie Silva (drummer of Beaverteeth) on lead - that's the original-> Track 4 is the beautiful backing track only with the harmonies on the fade - slightly different mastered than the three takes with a lead vocal. The CD booklet features the complete song lyrics, so everyone could sing along if he like to.Why should I buy the new release?-> First: The song "Georgia Pines" is an important part of American music history. Everyone who grow up in the South in the late 1960's remember this song - either by the James Gang with Wilbur Walton Jr. on lead or the version by the Candymen (Roy Orbison's band). It's really THE HYMN OF THE SOUTH, which is back again after more than 40 years. Second: The whole mastering and mixing process was done by todays highest professional studio standards using the best studio equipment from the vintage and modern world. It took more than three months(!) before the team achieved the result they were looking for - not that usual overcompressed flat and dead sound of so many todays releases, but a warm and tender sound with tons of dynamic range and details to listen to. Prominent people who already had a chance to listen to were stunned by it's sheer quality, both in technical and artistically way.One final note by famous Buddy Buie - one of the songwriters of "Georgia Pines".-> "I remember being in NYC broke,homesick,locked out of my hotel room for non-payment, and dejected. That day I wrote "Georgia Pines".This song was straight from the heart. I was surrounded by concrete and steel, longing for fresh air, green trees and farmland. When I did get back to Dothan, I sang it to John Rainey Adkins and he loved it. He helped me finish it. Later, I recorded it with Wilbur Walton. I am honored that the Germans call it "The Hymn of The South". I'm sure Wilbur feels the same......Buddy."


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