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The extraordinary story of ORION,

the mystery masked singer.

A film by Jeanie Finlay

"There are many that believe that Elvis is still alive – if he is alive he wears a mask and goes by the name Orion." Nashville Now, 1979

ORION: The Man Who Would Be King is a seductive, intoxicating story. It will take you from the thick, sultry heat of small town Alabama to the brash neon lights of Nashville and Memphis. The film follows a journey through the claustrophobic underworld of the American dream, where music, masks and manipulators combine.

ORION: The Man Who Would Be King tells the story of Jimmy Ellis - an unknown singer plucked from obscurity and thrust into the spotlight as part of a crazy scheme that had him masquerade as Elvis back from the grave.

With an outlandish fictional identity torn from the pages of a pulp novel, the backing of the legendary birthplace of rock 'n' roll Sun Records and a voice that seemed to be the very twin of Presley's himself, the scheme – concocted in the months after Presley’s death exploded into a cult success - and the “Elvis is alive” myth began.

Jeanie has been working on this film for the past five years and has funded trips and been supported by Creative England to visit the United States to meet the people who knew and worked with Orion. They've generously offered their stories, their archives and memories and now we're really close to bringing everything together to tell the untold story of Jimmy Ellis.

We'll uncover the huxtering schemes of the music industry, the truth and lies at the heart of the story, the allure of fantasy and Orion's search for identity.

We really value your support and your contribution will really help to bring this story to life and we hope eventually to cinema screens. We're really close to the finishing line and need your help to reach it.


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